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Since its establishment in September 2019, Ruying Intelligence has built a full-chain intelligent hardware R&D team of 200 people in less than one year, and built two business divisions of AIoT Smart Home and Robot. In September 2020, Ruying held a press conference in Beijing, and launched 18 wholehouse smart products. This is unthinkable for a new company just established for 12 months, which makes the whole smart home industry shocked. The ruying brand is inspired by the idiom “follow me like a shadow”, which stands for uninterrupted company. The English brand name “Know” stands for understand you, understand what users really want, take the initiative to provide intimate services for users. Knowledge, Natural, Open and Wise, the four attributes together constitute the core of the Know brand.

Whole-house intelligence starts with inSight

Insight= smart speaker+ gateway+ smart access control
The inSight is the control center we created for the whole house intelligence.It is a new intelligent central control product with “touch screen,” “smart speaker,” “all-in-one gateway”, “intelligent access control” and other functions in one.With it, you can not only easily control the whole house smart home hardware, and visitors access dialogue, built-in smart butler Edison can also according to different scenes of the “family moment”, bring you intimate active intelligent service…


Creates your own “Family Moments”
By intelligently judging the actions of its owner, inSight will actively adjust the multi-dimensional intelligent scene that includes lighting, temperature, indoor and outdoor environment, atmosphere dynamics and content services, creating “family moments” that are unique to you. For example, when you open the door at home, inSight has automatically closed the curtains for you. Turn the lights on all over the house and turn them down to a gentle 80%, while keeping °C the room at a comfortable 24 , and start playing your favorite music… All of these, let you walk into the door of the moment feel comfortable and warm. There are more “smart Home moments” waiting for you at……

Know Smart Switch

Instead of an on-off switch, you’re buying a lighting master to help you make the lights smart at home. With the Know smart switch, you’ll be able to control the lighting of your house with voice commands, and even make it easy to switch between smart scenes with devices all over the house. Not only that, we also redesigned the entire appearance, breakthrough in the AG process of ground glass on the switch panel, touch and feel like baby skin, such innovative design has also been the international CMF design Gold Medal coveted. At the same time, support more support radium carving process customization, so that each panel is full of personality.
From now on, you have a light control master at home

Click feedback like a mouse

Be careful, it could be addictive
In addition to the surface touch, the feedback after clicking is also the most important part of the switch panel redesign. Inspired by the experience of using a high-end mouse, the crisp “click” sound and rebound feedback can not help but make people think more times. Ultra short key travel design, makes the overall appearance has a better integrity, simple but not simple.

Know Smart Door

Artistic integrated design, guard your home
Know smart door = smart lock + smart peephole + security door
Under high appearance level, it is not only solid and reliable, but also intelligent: bionic binocular face recognition and high-speed fingerprint unlocking. Intelligent link with smart control, realize intelligent scene linkage, when open the door, lighting, curtains, air conditioning…All open for you to welcome you home; When outsiders visit, through the indoor video check outside and call; The solid door body gives you a strong sense of security, and achieves the national grade A security door standard, to protect the safety of you and your family.

Supports various safe unlocking methods

3D face recognition

Multi-dimensional fingerprint


Back lock

Separated Design

Long-term Endurance

Remote Alarm

High Precision and High Sensitivity


Real-time perception of bathroom and kitchen water leakage, know your home condition in time

Remote Alarm

CCCF Certification

Local Sound and Light Alarm

Regular Self-check Reminder


Sense fire smoke, detect fire in time and alarm multiple


AI intelligence + tech aesthetics + coffee art, copy latte master making coffee at pixel level
KNOW barista robot is an innovative AI intelligent coffee robot. Through the self-developed inBot OS robot learning system, it is equipped with an industrial-grade high-precision robotic arm that can reproduce a master level latte at the pixel level. Powerful AI learning ability, it only takes six hours to learn a new latte style, stable robotic arm can complete 300 cups of beautiful latte coffee a day. The stunning design has won international design awards such as the German Red Dot Award.

Know Smart Coffee Master has landed scene

Coffee and tea: Shenzhen Naixue’s Tea PRO, Beijing etc. Coffee, Shanghai Jing’an & Modi Coffee, etc. Real estate buildings: China Overseas Sales Center, Vanke Sales Center, Field Sales Center, Hong Kong Henderson Sales Center, etc.
More patterns continue to be updated


Smart cooperation with world famous brands, to create a one-stop whole house intelligent service for users.